The Future of Retail: A Spin on Personal Shopping

It is clear that the retail landscape is changing rapidly. With a wealth of information available at consumers fingertips, there is a renewed emphasis on experience. As retailers, it’s our job to drive that experience for our customers. So now the question is how do we extend that experience outside of the traditional brick and mortar environment? How do we adapt to another new normal? The way forward is becoming clearer. 

Some context before we dive in; Just White Shirts a Canadian menswear brand has been driven by quality for 26 years. Our clients approach us for quality shirts, suits, and accessories. When they return, it’s undeniably for our expert wardrobe consultations. Our most successful product ranges are not our ready-to-wear, but our custom wear for this reason. This custom experience is difficult to replicate in a digital environment so we have been working on finding a solution for the last 2 years. 


Photo Credit: Malcolm Garret from Pexels

So how do we replicate the personal and meticulous process of designing a custom wardrobe? When our clients shop online they select their fabrics, cuts, measurements, finishes and check out. This only works well for repeat custom clients, or clients we’ve been able to guide in the decision process. The missing ingredient is the expertise of the JWS team with decades of men's fashion experience. 
In a custom wardrobe consultation we consider what purpose each article of clothing serves.

  • Are you starting a new job or are you a CEO?
  • Is it a suit for your wedding, or a wedding you’re attending?
  • Are you buying a suit for work in a formal setting or are you going to throw a blazer over a t-shirt?
  • Are you constantly on-the-go or do you spend most of your time behind a desk?
  • What are you aiming to project or what are you aspiring to convey with your appearance. 

Knowing the difference between thread count, placement, breathability, and adjusting to the pace of lifestyle is all part of the formula. Our experts know when it is appropriate to wear stripes, solids or plaids. These questions and knowledge allow us to curate a balanced wardrobe that allows a client to have the best experience both in store and when they leave. Providing this knowledge to our clients is key. 



From this passion the MyJWS app was born. We have rolled out a personal shopping experience digitally. Members can use this app to book one on one appointments with our experienced team! No chat bots or FAQ pages would have been able to substitute a complete consultation so we decided we had to create a digital space for our clients to get that continued experience. 

The MyJWS app is available on all app stores but can also be accessed via the web browser. Once our clients create an account they have access to a collaboration space. Appointments can be requested through messaging, audio calls or video calls in app. These features create a comparable custom experience but we had to also find a solution for continuity and sharing ideas. 

Through utilizing technical features like annotation on documents, uploading images, and progress communication, we have created a space ready for collaboration. This allows our customers to upload inspirations photos or share links, and allows us to send custom fabric or finishing options. The features enable more accurate and custom consultations since all our customers preferences are managed collaborating by the team and the client. 

With technology like the MyJWS App, unique personal shopping experience and complimentary wardrobe consultations are suddenly a reality. The focus remains on the clients experience. It is not just choosing garments, but giving them the tools to confidently wear their happiness on their sleeves, collars, buttons, and every other feature they invested in.

More and more we hear people say “retail is dying”, Retail isn’t dying it is changing and retailers are adapting. The shift is driven by changes in customers expectations and increased awareness. Most importantly customers are paying for an experience to accompany their purchase and it is our duty to live up to these expectations.