Live Saving Clothing Advice That Can Help You Stand Out In Every Occasion

Live Saving Clothing Advice That Can Help You Stand Out In Every Occasion

When it comes to man’s wardrobe or style sense, one thing that often comes to the surface is the fact that it really takes some key articles for their whole outlook to either rock or go terribly down the hill. While style is individual and personal, there is a stark difference when someone looks downright shabby or artistically messy.

 There are always some tricks and tips that have a way of completely changing your outlook, for say accessorizing your white shirt for men with cufflinks immediately takes your look up a notch. In this blog, we'll talk about some key pointers that can work wonders for your outfit regardless of your fashion knowledge.

Everlasting Style Tips for Your Daily Life Routine

Know Your Measurements

Getting the right fit for your clothing accentuates your figure. When you’re out shopping you have to know your measurements such as your shoulders, chest, waist etc. Your shopping will be completely pointless if you get something that is not your fit.

All that energy, efforts and not to mention money will go to waste if you buy the wrong size. Although, of course, you can alter your clothing that would require an extra step that can be avoided altogether if you know your measurements.

Go for Quality Not Quantity

Now I know some of us are already on a tight budget and buying one high-quality shirt in place of two low-quality shirts does not seem like a good choice. However, good quality clothing not only looks better but also last longer. Whereas, buying more low-quality clothing items would entail fading, tearing, and shrinking of the clothing item. Add in the fact that tons of clothing items end up in landmines, we should be a bit more considerate towards our environment and buy stuff that is absolutely necessary.

Know the Basics of Clothing Craft

To make your shopping much easier it will be of great help to know the basics of how the clothes are made. You should be able to distinguish the fibres, know the stitching and the finishing of the clothes, check the material and making of the wearables etc. Try to research a bit on all this so that you aren't completely clueless about shopping. Also, with the knowledge, you gain you can easily negotiate.

Take Proper Care for Your Clothes

Even if it is very obvious, I find it necessary to emphasize the importance of taking care of your clothes. From ironing to washing and dry cleaning your custom made dress shirts you have to know what type of care dies each piece of clothing requires. This will ensure that your clothes remain intact for a longer period of time and don’t lose their shine.  


Stick To the Classics

If you often find yourself spending a good amount of time in front of your wardrobe scratching your head and thinking what on earth you should wear then your best bet would be to go for the classics. From single-breasted suits, polo and button-down shirts to denim, dress pants and oxford shoes, you can make your choices and be good to go. These classics will help you give that effortless look and make you look distinguished.

Details Matter

Putting on clothes isn’t that hard. It is the small things that bring out the best of your outlook. You can style your hair in a certain way, match your socks with the shoes you are wearing, wear a tie that goes with your shirt, fasten a good quality belt and so on. The small details give you a more put-together look and give an insight into your personality. 

Accessories Accentuate Your Outfit

Accessorizing your clothes will put your individuality on display. You can seamlessly express your personality by adding accessories and step your game. Be it cufflinks, lapel pins, pocket squares, ties, belts, or collar stays, choose an item that suits your attire the best and be ready to rock the day. 

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