How To Accessorize Your Outfit Like A Pro?

How To Accessorize Your Outfit Like A Pro?

If you’re bored with your day-to-day boring outfits and want to take your attire up a notch then we have prepared a list of accessories that can help you stand apart from the rest. Accessories are a quick and economical way of upgrading your outfit that will help you express yourself better.

Eight Ways You Can Enhance Your Look


Pocket squares should complement the best quality cotton shirts you are wearing. It shouldn’t match the tie. If you aren’t afraid of sparking up your outfit with vibrant colors then go for bright colored pocket squares. If your tie is dull or if you’re not wearing one at all then a multi-hued pocket square would bring out the best of your outfit.

Now, I understand if bright colors aren't your thing. You can always opt for pocket squares with unique shapes. Just look up easy-to-do pocket square techniques and practice some so that you can slay your attire.


You don't have to carry an old-school briefcase just because you're wearing a suit, particularly if you don't want to carry one in your hand all day. I'm not suggesting you take your exercise bag around with you, but a trendy leather bag would look great with a suit.

Choose a color that goes with most of your clothing items if not all. This will ensure that you won't have to go for a briefcase in case your leather bag is too flashy. You can wear your bag across the body or on one side, that for you to decide.


An elegant timepiece gives off the vibe that you are classy and put-together. While complementing whatever you’re wearing, it will show that you value your time.  Good quality watches have a reputation of being pricey but with a keen eye and good negotiation skills, you can find the right watch that doesn't wreck your pockets.


Your everyday dressing can be brightened up with colorful socks. Most suits and corporate wear come in neutral colors so you can spice things up a bit with your multi-patterned socks. However, if your tie or pocket square is already bright and color then perhaps you should tone it down and wear black, white, navy blue, or brown socks.


A good old belt also has the power to instantly upgrade your suit. Wear a belt that contrasts with the dress pants or denim you are wearing. Belts are an inexpensive piece of accessory and definitely worth investing in. Go for leather belts as they last a long time and won’t tear off easily.


Suspenders and bowties may come off as geeky but you do you. They can be a decent change to your boring outfit if you know how to style them properly. From a wide range of colors to patterns you have a lot of choices, so choose wisely.


One of the things that are immediately checked while meeting a person is their shoes. You may be wearing basic clothes without a lot of styling but a high-quality pair of shoes stand you apart immediately.


Lapel pins and tie clips are simply cherry on top. You can go without them or add some style to your outfit. These items can match almost all your suits so you don’t have to buy a lot of them if you’re not a fan of them.


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