Mens Wool Dress Pants - A Thorough Guide

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Majority of men in our society are unaware of when to wear Cotton, Wool or corduroy - and more importantly, why.

But there’s more to learn, especially when it comes to wool.

You must have heard it before: wool is widely regarded as the ideal fabric for winters. Although reducing wool’s importance to the wardrobe as just a mere wintertime fascination doesn’t do the versatile and timeless fabric the justice it deserves. Wool is, in many ways, the quintessential clothing fabric, capable of wicking away sweat and insulating. And besides, there’s more than one type of wool.

We’ll look into it more closely as we analyze different categories of wool briefly. Chances are, you will find the precise men’s woolen trouser that fits your style and comfort needs.

Worsted Wool

Lightweight and coarse, worsted wool is a fabric that “feels” like wool without having the heaviness many people associate with wool. It allows you to feel light and breezy without sapping any of the fabrics insulation powers.

In short, the worsted woolen trouser is a perfect wear for winters, as the freeze wind strokes will require certain degree of insulation beneath the pants.

Lightweight/Flannel Wool

The greatest quality of flannel wool is that it is exceptionally comfortable to the skin. Lightweight or flannel wool can be worn with suit combination for a consistent, pleated look. What’s important is that we do not mix “Flannel” with “Plaid”. One can be flannel without plaid and vise versa.


Gabardine wool has a rich history for keeping the warmth, Historically used in the World War II. Ideal for usage in severe winter months, this tightly woven fabric is more of a shield than pants. But they also make the best trousers with extra protection for winters.

Poly-Wool Blends

Most of us are not yet comfortable in making a full leap to wool, a trouser made from poly-wool blends is what you might need. Extremely comfortable and offer a great degree of breathable without being stifling at all. Perfect wear for all 4 seasons.