4 Key Clothing Details That Are Important for Menswear

4 Key Clothing Details That Are Important for Menswear

While it may seem like menswear doesn’t require much to stand out, it’s the details of your whole attire that defines its success rate. The smallest details from the quality of your cotton shirts for men to the accessories of your outfit have the potential to either make you look exceptional or look downright shabby. In this blog, we’ll be talking about styling tips every man should know.

The Right Balance of Accessories

For all those people who are just new to styling their outfits and might want to try on as many accessories as they want at once, slow your roll, please. It might be extremely tempting to try on those cufflinks, ties, lapel pins, pocket squares, and every other thing that you can think of altogether. The problem with this approach is that it may make you look flashy and too over the top.

Furthermore, the visuals of all these accessories will clash with each other and degrade the look of your entire outfit. Hence why you need to find the perfect balance of accessorizing.

The best approach towards maintaining your accessories is choosing quality over quantity. For say, you wear good quality cufflinks instead of wearing a watch, lapel pins, and cufflinks altogether. Not only will this mess up your look but also make less of an impact. 

The Fine Line Between Casual and Formal Dressing

While dressing up you should be aware of the fine line that separates casual wear from the formal one. It is a broad topic so we'll talk about wearing t-shirts with full suits and sneakers. This trend or internet fad is something that can work on the off chance when a particular jacket simply goes along with the t-shirt but it isn't something that will always work.

What I would suggest is to wear a dress shirt if you are planning to wear a full suit coat. A t-shirt’s no-collar and short sleeves won’t give you the edge and wouldn’t harmonize with your overall look. For a formal look, your best bet would be wearing the classic white shirt for men as it is a lasting fashion trend that can be enhanced by adding accessories of your choice.

Complementing Tie and Pocket Square

One of the things that can ruin your look is wearing the same pocket square and tie. This combination doesn't go along for a variety of reasons, the first of which is that there won't be enough noticeable contrast between the two accessories. To rectify this, you should wear a tie and pocket square that complement one another.

The key point is that if you're wearing a tie and a pocket square, try to make one of the accessories darker and the other paler. Furthermore, if one of the accessories has a color that the other one picks upon, the two would be in sync and fit well together.

Know Your Body and Its Measurements

The most integral part of shopping for yourself is knowing your size and have a sense of what would fit you the best. Different brands come in different sizes for the same item of clothing you want to buy so with a little bit of trial and error you'll get an idea of what fits you the best.

If you find looking for your exact troublesome then you can always opt for custom-made dress shirts. With the perfect alterations, you can your exact size without a hassle. The fitting of your clothes is a major factor that adds up to your overall look and saves you from looking like a hobo. A form-fitting suit, shirt, tailored pants will not only give you an expensive classy look but also help you stand apart from others.


Our main goal of giving you a detailed explanation of the details you need to look out for while dressing up is to save you from the day-to-day struggles of styling. We know that if you're a low-maintenance type of guy or new to setting up your wardrobe, dressing up can be a bit tricky. However, if you feel overwhelmed with all the things then you can always opt for the JustWhiteShirts online store where you can find a wide array of clothing items, accessories and custom-made made orders that can be delivered to your place with fewer efforts.