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[pure_egyptian_cotton_dress_masks_mens_wear] - Just White masks

Solid White Classic Custom mask 73c24ny3ea 100/2*40+20d Saq670a

$300.00 CAD

Face Mask Fabric Qualities

100% Egyptian Cotton, light weight and breathable. Reusable and machine washable perfect for longterm use.

Side Pleats on Face Mask

Side pleats will allow the fabric to wraps under the chin. We added pleats so you can move your jaw comfortably without the mask shifting down your face.

Curved Construction

A curved silhouette that gently hugs the face. Pleats on nose and chin will keep the mask in place.

Mask with Adjustable Straps around Ears

Elastic cotton bands stretch around ears and can be adjusted to fit you perfectly. Designed for all-day comfort and security.

Face Mask with Filters for Additional Protection

These filters are lightweight, replaceable, and incredibly breathable.

Adjustable Nose Piece

A moldable metal nose piece is adjustable to give you a custom fit. The seal will give extra protection and prevent glasses from steaming up.