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Pink Enamel Rose Metal Lapel Pin For Men - justwhiteshirts

Pink Enamel Rose Gold Metal Lapel Pin for Men

$69.00 CAD $48.30 CAD

SKU LP260091a

Lapel Pins make a perfect accessory in the times when you want to spruce up the look of that standard suit for yours without having to spend a bomb. As a perfect men's trinket, the right lapel pin can add a subtle air of "dapper" of your suit. 

This Rose Gold Lapel Pin is a JWS staple. Finished with pink enamel, crafted with high-quality metal, this pin can add a dash of panache to almost any suit - casual, formal, blue or black. 

  • Carefully Crafted Rose Gold Metal Pin
  • Pink Enamel Finishing
  • Dimensions: 29mm x 29 mm