Why You Should "Suit up" Even When You Work From Home
Dress up, because that can make all the difference to your productivity!

When you imagine someone who works from home, you rather come up with a more unflattering image. A general perception of working from home means, working in Pajamas. Unfortunately it is true up to some extend, as most people prefer working in their lounge wear and are accustomed to start their day at work all dirty, even wake up at 11.

But realistically, work is a process which commands certain traits that are essential, I think it time we rethink! Dress Smartly, and it can lead up to wonders you never thought of,Something that most successful entrepreneurs swear by.

“Dress up for what you work for and not where to you work at” this simple expression makes everything all so easy for us to understand. Moreover, it also nurtures our take on office environment. How you dress up majorly determines the way people might treat you, Dressing up can be helpful and can lead to places such as more responsibilities and more responsibilities will lead to more promotions.

The Art of Attraction:

Whereas, the general impression might not imply while working from home, since the interaction with others is very little. You won’t be meeting with your clients face to face or let's just say you won’t have a work environment which comprises of colleagues and staff. Then why should we dress up? Well “The Art of Attraction” has everything to do with it. How you dress up do not only tells the kind of job you want but it also tells a lot about how your feel for yourself. Suiting up for say, can make you feel responsible, confident and more capable, our chests get ever so high which is a subsequent result of the amount of confidence it generated.

Your confidence is flowing with each and every email that you type or the way you respond to phone calls and crucial decisions that you make on a daily basis. Which in turn explains why dressing up can make a huge impact on how people perceive you even if they can not physically see you.

Michael Meik is a Store manager at The Shirt Store, he explains why dressing up is his mantra to success. “Everyday, the first thing i do is to get shower and put on a decent suit. When you deal with professional individuals you got to make a statement even without saying a word, that has worked wonders for me”