3 Essential Fashion Styles Every Man Should Be Aware Of

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About a decade or two ago, all a man had to know about style or fashion was to wear something which is sober or what you can say masculine. There was no significant difference in what you wear at the office or at a bar in that case. Personal grooming or styling was something man weren’t really aware of.

But eventually as the Social Life grew up Man started to care about what people might think or say by looking at his/her attire at both personal and professional level. They started associating different individuals by what they wear which was pretty at the time, now style has become a landmark for professional life.

Some say style really apprehends to what nature a person possesses or it gives an indirect reflection to what the person really is about. Now Style follows at every step of the life, whether a dinner date or a meeting with a major client. Just White Shirts follow all these steps along the way.

But how can we possibly take care of that?

Fit to Perfection:

Notoriously speaking, Guys or Men do not really care about the fitting of what they are wearing, because for them the area of concern is comfort ability, then how it fits. Whereas now, whatever shape you are in now, your body needs to be dressed to perfection. What does your suit look like? when you buy a suit you make sure that it gets tailored to your body from whichever store you get it made. I’m sure you’d never prefer to wear a suit which just hangs on your body.

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These days it’s the same with all the other casual outfits too, from Shirts, Sweater, Shoes etc. Assume a man wearing a $5000 Tom Ford suit whose skin is peaking in between the buttons of his straining dress shirt looks as bad as an ugly men wearing dirty clothes. It must definitely FIT, period.

Little details is what makes a difference.

It all starts with what you shop and what are your preferences, be it the color or the style; the same rules apply. For say, if you have dark complexion (eyes or hair) Maroon or red sweater would suit, whereas same can’t be said if you have sky blue eyes. Everything complements each other, it’s the little things that can make you stand out or unseen.

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It’s better if you check with a style expert or someone that has a better taste or good color sense or stand in front of a mirror holding the clothes that you might want to wear and BE VERY HONEST! Always remember “you wear the clothes and not the other way round” Try to keep your wardrobe upgraded to the changing style and trends. Most importantly, shop wisely and try to flatter yourself all the time, as they say, you gotta love yourself to make others fall for you!

Stand out from Top to Bottom:

Combing hair is out of the equation these days, people pass remarks either to your face or behind your back. Make a Hairdo and not hair Don't. It’s one of the first thing a person notices, at least don’t let yourself down.

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And good grooming goes for your face and extremities too. If you’re going for that scruffy 5 o’clock shadow look, make sure that it’s trimmed at a uniform length on your face, with scraggly edges high on your cheeks and under your jaw shaved smooth and edged sharp. Those hands and feet are important too. Manicure and Pedicure are something that needs to be done at least once a month. patchy hands or dark feet are something which is accustomed to true style. Something so simple as grungy fingernails can really undermine an otherwise perfect look.

That's about it as far as what style is really about to men and what it should be in real. These are few of the styles that i have noticed or witnessed directly or indirectly and needed to raise an opinion about. Keep yourself surrounded by the right clothes and accessories, keep yourself groomed at all times and automatically things will fall in the right place. Make yourself a celebrity or idol of your own.