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Chambray vs Denim. Is there a difference?

Chambray vs Denim. Is there a difference?

Is there a difference between Chambray and Denim?

Although Chambray and Denim may look similar, they are completely different in their feel and construction. Chambray is a plain weave lighter softer cotton fabric with a frosted effect produced by weaving dyed warp threads lengthwise with filler white threads crosswise, making it look similar front and back. These properties make it extremely versatile and a perfect comfort fabric for spring and summer and can be dressed up or down. This makes it an excellent choice for shirting, casual to go with your jeans and chinos, or a dressier shirt to pair with a suit or sports jacket.

Gone are the days when Chambray was typically only available in various shades of blue, now many fabric mills have added shades of tan, gray, green, lavender, and even red. In addition to that, patterns are now being printed on or even woven into the fabric. Chambray softens with every wash; however, it does crease and would require being pressed on a higher heat, with the setting on cotton.

Denim on the other hand is a sturdier cotton that is woven in a diagonal weave called a twill, where the white weft thread passes under two or more warp dyed threads, making the back of the fabric look a lot lighter than the front. Denim came to North America during the mid-nineteenth century and was used to make durable hard-wearing clothing for the working man. Since then Jeans have become as an essential garment in every person’s wardrobe. Although, 100% Cotton Denim is usually preferred because of its ability to conform to your body with every use, a two or three percent addition of a stretch element like spandex, gives the garment that added comfort level.


Other than the heavier weave popular with Jeans, Denim is available in higher thread counts as well, giving it a more finished look, making it suitable for a lighter and more comfortable shirt. It is available in a multitude of colours, including a variety of prints as well.

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The Difference Between a Blazer, a Suit Jacket and a Sportcoat

The Difference Between a Blazer, a Suit Jacket and a Sportcoat
Most of us are usually unaware of the basic difference between 3 of the most essential outerwear for gentlemen i-e (Blazers, Suit Jacket and Sport Coat). Here’s a guide on basic differentials between the three.
The Blazer:
Blazer, Casual Jacket, Jacket
  • Trademark for the members of the boating clubs.
  • Can be pulled off with a jeans, hard to carry with brass bottoms
  • Traditionally has brass/metal buttons, but that’s obviously not always the case now.
  • Looks best in solid colors, almost always navy.
  • Wool blazers always adds a traditional value.
  • Lies in between Sport coat which is more casual and Suit jacket which is formal.

The Sport coat:
Sportcoat, Sports jacket
  • Usually an outerwear to carry with suits.
  • Sometimes, people tend to use the term blazers when referring to Sport coats(traditionalists hate this, since most of the people think it's not a big deal)
  • Fabrics are usually cotton or linen
  • More casual in nature than blazer
  • Originally worn at sport events or activities (hunting, shooting etc.

Suit Jacket, Suits, Jacket
  • A mismatched combination with jeans.
  • Buttons are usually made of horn or plastic
  • Fabrics are usually more finer and smoother than sport coats
  • Looks best with matching trousers.
  • More constructed in nature (Shoulder, canvas, pads etc)
If a jacket doesn’t have a matching pants, it is safe to term that as blazer or sport coat. If it has matching pants then it will definitely be termed as suit jacket. Whereas, if it's not navy in color or has gold buttons, then it's a blazer.
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How To: The Three Stair Pocket Square

How To: The Three Stair Pocket Square

Pocket Square, Three stair pocket square


Pockets Squares have now become an elite fashion status for Grown men. It holds the pedigree to embark the style which is classic and sophisticated at the same time. There are different ways through which a person can carry a pocket square. Whereas, The Three Stair Pocket is by far the most unique and difficult way to carry a pocket square.

Following are the 8 easy steps to make a perfect "Three Stair Pocket Square" 

Lay the pocket square flat in front of you in a diamond shape.
Fold the top peak under and smooth the shape keeping the top edge sharp.
Take a section one and a half inches down from the top edge. Using your pointing finger and thumb the up creating a crease that lies about half an inch from top edge.
Keeping the previous fold in place using your index fingers create another fold using your pointing finger and thumb. This edge should be folded up so it is the same distance from the previous fold as the previous fold is from the top edge. This should leave you with three even steps.
Flatten and smooth shape.
Flip pocket square over and flatten and smooth.
Fold the bottom underneath and tidy shape checking balance and neatness.
Fold left and right points under to create the sides of the shape. How much you fold should be dictated by how big your pocket is.
Place in outer jacket pocket.
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