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4 Key Clothing Details That Are Important for Menswear

4 Key Clothing Details That Are Important for Menswear

While it may seem like menswear doesn’t require much to stand out, it’s the details of your whole attire that defines its success rate. The smallest details from the quality of your cotton shirts for men to the accessories of your outfit have the potential to either make you look exceptional or look downright shabby. In this blog, we’ll be talking about styling tips every man should know.

The Right Balance of Accessories

For all those people who are just new to styling their outfits and might want to try on as many accessories as they want at once, slow your roll, please. It might be extremely tempting to try on those cufflinks, ties, lapel pins, pocket squares, and every other thing that you can think of altogether. The problem with this approach is that it may make you look flashy and too over the top.

Furthermore, the visuals of all these accessories will clash with each other and degrade the look of your entire outfit. Hence why you need to find the perfect balance of accessorizing.

The best approach towards maintaining your accessories is choosing quality over quantity. For say, you wear good quality cufflinks instead of wearing a watch, lapel pins, and cufflinks altogether. Not only will this mess up your look but also make less of an impact. 

The Fine Line Between Casual and Formal Dressing

While dressing up you should be aware of the fine line that separates casual wear from the formal one. It is a broad topic so we'll talk about wearing t-shirts with full suits and sneakers. This trend or internet fad is something that can work on the off chance when a particular jacket simply goes along with the t-shirt but it isn't something that will always work.

What I would suggest is to wear a dress shirt if you are planning to wear a full suit coat. A t-shirt’s no-collar and short sleeves won’t give you the edge and wouldn’t harmonize with your overall look. For a formal look, your best bet would be wearing the classic white shirt for men as it is a lasting fashion trend that can be enhanced by adding accessories of your choice.

Complementing Tie and Pocket Square

One of the things that can ruin your look is wearing the same pocket square and tie. This combination doesn't go along for a variety of reasons, the first of which is that there won't be enough noticeable contrast between the two accessories. To rectify this, you should wear a tie and pocket square that complement one another.

The key point is that if you're wearing a tie and a pocket square, try to make one of the accessories darker and the other paler. Furthermore, if one of the accessories has a color that the other one picks upon, the two would be in sync and fit well together.

Know Your Body and Its Measurements

The most integral part of shopping for yourself is knowing your size and have a sense of what would fit you the best. Different brands come in different sizes for the same item of clothing you want to buy so with a little bit of trial and error you'll get an idea of what fits you the best.

If you find looking for your exact troublesome then you can always opt for custom-made dress shirts. With the perfect alterations, you can your exact size without a hassle. The fitting of your clothes is a major factor that adds up to your overall look and saves you from looking like a hobo. A form-fitting suit, shirt, tailored pants will not only give you an expensive classy look but also help you stand apart from others.


Our main goal of giving you a detailed explanation of the details you need to look out for while dressing up is to save you from the day-to-day struggles of styling. We know that if you're a low-maintenance type of guy or new to setting up your wardrobe, dressing up can be a bit tricky. However, if you feel overwhelmed with all the things then you can always opt for the JustWhiteShirts online store where you can find a wide array of clothing items, accessories and custom-made made orders that can be delivered to your place with fewer efforts.

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Live Saving Clothing Advice That Can Help You Stand Out In Every Occasion

Live Saving Clothing Advice That Can Help You Stand Out In Every Occasion

When it comes to man’s wardrobe or style sense, one thing that often comes to the surface is the fact that it really takes some key articles for their whole outlook to either rock or go terribly down the hill. While style is individual and personal, there is a stark difference when someone looks downright shabby or artistically messy.

 There are always some tricks and tips that have a way of completely changing your outlook, for say accessorizing your white shirt for men with cufflinks immediately takes your look up a notch. In this blog, we'll talk about some key pointers that can work wonders for your outfit regardless of your fashion knowledge.

Everlasting Style Tips for Your Daily Life Routine

Know Your Measurements

Getting the right fit for your clothing accentuates your figure. When you’re out shopping you have to know your measurements such as your shoulders, chest, waist etc. Your shopping will be completely pointless if you get something that is not your fit.

All that energy, efforts and not to mention money will go to waste if you buy the wrong size. Although, of course, you can alter your clothing that would require an extra step that can be avoided altogether if you know your measurements.

Go for Quality Not Quantity

Now I know some of us are already on a tight budget and buying one high-quality shirt in place of two low-quality shirts does not seem like a good choice. However, good quality clothing not only looks better but also last longer. Whereas, buying more low-quality clothing items would entail fading, tearing, and shrinking of the clothing item. Add in the fact that tons of clothing items end up in landmines, we should be a bit more considerate towards our environment and buy stuff that is absolutely necessary.

Know the Basics of Clothing Craft

To make your shopping much easier it will be of great help to know the basics of how the clothes are made. You should be able to distinguish the fibres, know the stitching and the finishing of the clothes, check the material and making of the wearables etc. Try to research a bit on all this so that you aren't completely clueless about shopping. Also, with the knowledge, you gain you can easily negotiate.

Take Proper Care for Your Clothes

Even if it is very obvious, I find it necessary to emphasize the importance of taking care of your clothes. From ironing to washing and dry cleaning your custom made dress shirts you have to know what type of care dies each piece of clothing requires. This will ensure that your clothes remain intact for a longer period of time and don’t lose their shine.  


Stick To the Classics

If you often find yourself spending a good amount of time in front of your wardrobe scratching your head and thinking what on earth you should wear then your best bet would be to go for the classics. From single-breasted suits, polo and button-down shirts to denim, dress pants and oxford shoes, you can make your choices and be good to go. These classics will help you give that effortless look and make you look distinguished.

Details Matter

Putting on clothes isn’t that hard. It is the small things that bring out the best of your outlook. You can style your hair in a certain way, match your socks with the shoes you are wearing, wear a tie that goes with your shirt, fasten a good quality belt and so on. The small details give you a more put-together look and give an insight into your personality. 

Accessories Accentuate Your Outfit

Accessorizing your clothes will put your individuality on display. You can seamlessly express your personality by adding accessories and step your game. Be it cufflinks, lapel pins, pocket squares, ties, belts, or collar stays, choose an item that suits your attire the best and be ready to rock the day. 

 JustWhiteShirts is ahead of the market in offering a wide range of men’s clothing items. You can get anything from customizable shirts, suits, court, polo, athletic, dress, and printed shirts to wallets, cufflinks, lapel pins, pocket squares, ties, belts, collar stays and underwear. You can buy your whole outfit from our website and get it delivered to your doorstep without any hassle.

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How To Accessorize Your Outfit Like A Pro?

How To Accessorize Your Outfit Like A Pro?

If you’re bored with your day-to-day boring outfits and want to take your attire up a notch then we have prepared a list of accessories that can help you stand apart from the rest. Accessories are a quick and economical way of upgrading your outfit that will help you express yourself better.

Eight Ways You Can Enhance Your Look


Pocket squares should complement the best quality cotton shirts you are wearing. It shouldn’t match the tie. If you aren’t afraid of sparking up your outfit with vibrant colors then go for bright colored pocket squares. If your tie is dull or if you’re not wearing one at all then a multi-hued pocket square would bring out the best of your outfit.

Now, I understand if bright colors aren't your thing. You can always opt for pocket squares with unique shapes. Just look up easy-to-do pocket square techniques and practice some so that you can slay your attire.


You don't have to carry an old-school briefcase just because you're wearing a suit, particularly if you don't want to carry one in your hand all day. I'm not suggesting you take your exercise bag around with you, but a trendy leather bag would look great with a suit.

Choose a color that goes with most of your clothing items if not all. This will ensure that you won't have to go for a briefcase in case your leather bag is too flashy. You can wear your bag across the body or on one side, that for you to decide.


An elegant timepiece gives off the vibe that you are classy and put-together. While complementing whatever you’re wearing, it will show that you value your time.  Good quality watches have a reputation of being pricey but with a keen eye and good negotiation skills, you can find the right watch that doesn't wreck your pockets.


Your everyday dressing can be brightened up with colorful socks. Most suits and corporate wear come in neutral colors so you can spice things up a bit with your multi-patterned socks. However, if your tie or pocket square is already bright and color then perhaps you should tone it down and wear black, white, navy blue, or brown socks.


A good old belt also has the power to instantly upgrade your suit. Wear a belt that contrasts with the dress pants or denim you are wearing. Belts are an inexpensive piece of accessory and definitely worth investing in. Go for leather belts as they last a long time and won’t tear off easily.


Suspenders and bowties may come off as geeky but you do you. They can be a decent change to your boring outfit if you know how to style them properly. From a wide range of colors to patterns you have a lot of choices, so choose wisely.


One of the things that are immediately checked while meeting a person is their shoes. You may be wearing basic clothes without a lot of styling but a high-quality pair of shoes stand you apart immediately.


Lapel pins and tie clips are simply cherry on top. You can go without them or add some style to your outfit. These items can match almost all your suits so you don’t have to buy a lot of them if you’re not a fan of them.


JUSTWHITESHIRT's solution to bettering society is to eliminate the toxic dressing and grooming culture and respect all body shapes and sizes, allowing us to break away from the pressures of trying to fit into unrealistic pre-defined societal expectations. JUSTWHITESHIRT relieves the mental and emotional stress of deciding on our next outfit by offering a wide range of custom made dress shirts and accessories that appeal to a wide range of tastes.

We understand the difficulty of sifting through a variety of clothing shops, seeking input from fashion icons, and generally devoting all of our energy and time to determining what is best for us. Our mission is to eliminate the dilemma of making a decision and the constant scrolling of clothing store apps by providing you with high-quality clothing delivered to your door.

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Top 5 Office Wear Essentials You Need to Know In 2021

The way you dress and carry yourself works wonders in making impressive first impressions. Dressing well gives an insight into your personality; it doesn't define you but gives an idea of who you are. If you go to an important meeting without preparation then that will showcase your willingness to attend the meeting in the first place. The same goes for dressing up, if you dress sloppily to your workplace then that will give the impression that you weren't motivated to go there.

Your attire is the first and foremost snapshot of your individuality to the world. Your dressing sense is you making a statement; albeit one that doesn't delve deep into who you are but one that gives a glimpse of yourself. In this blog we will talk about some must-have office wears that will be your go-to choices while settling in for that online zoom meeting.

Top 5 Office Wear Essentials You Need to Know In 2021

5 Must-Have Office Wear Clothing Items You Should Have:

With the evolution of work wear, you might want to reconsider your wardrobe when you reach the new season and plan what exactly it will look like in 2021. Over the months, there is a fair chance that your blazers and tailored suits may have taken a backseat. However, it is important to find a balance. Whether you go into the office or not, wearing your wrinkled tees and sleeping pants should be a no-go area, even if it's an online meeting.

There will be a stage where you will need to rethink your wardrobe if you are in, or moving towards, a job that allows you to spend your working life in an office. We've compiled a list of office wear essentials that you can easily get without wasting away a good chunk of your paycheck.

Crisp White Shirt

A crisp white dress shirt is the universal solution for workwear. Pair it with slack pants or denim, if your workplace has an environment that embraces laid-back attire. You can always pair it with high-waist trousers for a more conventionally suitable office look. Head to our site to get a wide range of custom made dress shirts at economical prices.

custom made dress shirts

Tailored Pants

Work wear is all about finding the balance between comfort and elegance. And to attain that balance there's nothing better than a pair of form-fitted dress pants that can give the impression that you're ready and prepared to tackle the day. Sharp silhouettes, fine fabrics and classic rich colors also make a perfect declaration of fashion.


While wearing a dress shirt and pant is enough to get you good to go, a suit or blazer gives a finishing look. Beyond words, these lightweight jackets with tailored shoulders, tapered sleeves, and gorgeous shiny buttons make you look like you are on top of your game. A stunning blazer or suit will do wonders for your office wear, whether you want a form-fitted look or a more boxy, classical vibe.

Polo Shirts

If you work somewhere really buttoned-up and traditional, where Monday through Friday you're used to knotting ties, then you're about to become really familiar with knitted polo sweaters. They are collared, so they may still appear formal to your colleagues and customers, but they are soft and laid-back enough to reflect your daily life's new realities.

Polo Shirts


Accessories are the cherry on top for any outfit. You can go without them but including them will add more character to your look. With cufflinks, lapel pins, pocket squares, and ties you can enhance your overall look.


For those who are trying to go beyond the obvious custom white shirt online and collared tops, before writing them off entirely, consider the core classics and compile them with modern upgrades. If traditional dressing is not your forte then you can always go for printed shirts, vibrant colors or any perfectly balanced coordination sets that you believe suits you best are the way to go.One thing that has the potential to set you apart is how you present yourself to the world. In order to be distinctive among the rest, you have to keep trying out what works best for you and explore from then on.

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Whats a Dress Shirt Placket and why is it important to know the different types

Whats a Dress Shirt Placket and why is it important to know the different types

A placket is the long panel down the front of a shirt through which the button holes are placed. It is an integral part of the shirt which gives it more structure, allowing for a cleaner more tailored look. There are several types of plackets, but the three main styles most commonly used for classic dress shirts are the Standard Front Placket, the French Front and the Hidden Button or Covered Placket.


The Standard Front Placket

This is one of the plackets that you would find on most traditional dress shirts. This placket is folded back over and stitched, making it the most visible of the three. A fused interfacing is always used inside for dress shirts, however, a softer interfacing can be used for a more casual look.


The French Front

The French Front is fast becoming the most popular placket option, as it shows no seams and gives a clean modern look. It has no fold over stitch, instead it folds to the underside around a fused interlining. It looks especially great with a no-pocket option.


The Hidden Button or Covered Placket

This placket is most often used for a formal tuxedo shirt, but can be used as an option on a classic dress shirt as well. It features a solid panel of fabric folded over to cover the buttons and placket behind, giving it a cleaner more sophisticated look. It is the perfect choice for any formal event, an elegant bow tie completes the look.


While we are on the topic of Tuxedo Shirts, there are three other placket options that would give you that debonair sophisticated look, one would be the Tuxedo Plain Front, the Tuxedo Pleated Front and the Tuxedo Bib Front.


The Tuxedo Plain Front

This is a clean elegant option, similar in look to French Front mentioned above, however, the top four buttons below the collar are removable, and can be replaced with a set of tuxedo studs. A pair of matching cuff-links would complete that dapper look, a style favoured by Mr. Bond himself.


The Tuxedo Pleated Front

The most traditional of all tuxedo shirts, it features the same option of removal buttons as the Plain Front, except there is a ten inch wide pleated panels split on either side of it's fused placket. These panels are made up of stitched folds of fabric from the front of the shirt, that run from the shoulder seam all the way down to the bottom of the shirt.


The Tuxedo Bib Front

This elegant classic tuxedo shirt features a ten inch wide white Marcella piqué panel stitched to the front of the shirt on either side of it's French Front placket. The panel starts at the shoulder seam and ends just below the fifth buttonhole. It also has the removable buttons the collar which can be replaced with tuxedo studs.


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How to Measure your Shirt Sleeve Length

How to Measure your Shirt Sleeve Length

It is best to have another person present, who would do this measurement for you. Stand straight and make sure your arm is bent slightly, then place the leading edge of the measuring tape at the center of the back of the neck, where the collar touches the shirt. Run the measuring tape over your shoulder, down the back of the arm passing over your elbow, to a 1/2" below your wrist bone. Do not adjust for shrinkage.  We will do that for you.

If you do not have anyone to help with body measurements, take one of your dress shirts that fits you perfectly, button it up and spread it out face down on a flat surface. Place the leading end of the measuring tape at the center of the back, just below the collar band. Run the measuring tape along the top of the shoulder and down the sleeve to the end of the cuff. Make sure the sleeve firmly away from the dress shirt body as in the diagram below. Do not stretch the shirt sleeve, but be sure it is fully extended. Do not add extra to account for shrinkage. We will do that for you.

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Chambray vs Denim. Is there a difference?

Chambray vs Denim. Is there a difference?

Is there a difference between Chambray and Denim?

Although Chambray and Denim may look similar, they are completely different in their feel and construction. Chambray is a plain weave lighter softer cotton fabric with a frosted effect produced by weaving dyed warp threads lengthwise with filler white threads crosswise, making it look similar front and back. These properties make it extremely versatile and a perfect comfort fabric for spring and summer and can be dressed up or down. This makes it an excellent choice for shirting, casual to go with your jeans and chinos, or a dressier shirt to pair with a suit or sports jacket.

Gone are the days when Chambray was typically only available in various shades of blue, now many fabric mills have added shades of tan, gray, green, lavender, and even red. In addition to that, patterns are now being printed on or even woven into the fabric. Chambray softens with every wash; however, it does crease and would require being pressed on a higher heat, with the setting on cotton.

Denim on the other hand is a sturdier cotton that is woven in a diagonal weave called a twill, where the white weft thread passes under two or more warp dyed threads, making the back of the fabric look a lot lighter than the front. Denim came to North America during the mid-nineteenth century and was used to make durable hard-wearing clothing for the working man. Since then Jeans have become as an essential garment in every person’s wardrobe. Although, 100% Cotton Denim is usually preferred because of its ability to conform to your body with every use, a two or three percent addition of a stretch element like spandex, gives the garment that added comfort level.


Other than the heavier weave popular with Jeans, Denim is available in higher thread counts as well, giving it a more finished look, making it suitable for a lighter and more comfortable shirt. It is available in a multitude of colours, including a variety of prints as well.

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The Future of Retail: A Spin on Personal Shopping

More and more we hear people say “retail is dying”, Retail isn’t dying it is changing and retailers are adapting. The shift is driven by changes in customers expectations and increased awareness. Most importantly customers are paying for an experience to accompany their purchase and it is our duty to live up to these expectations. Continue reading

The Spezzato Suit: Here’s What You Need to Know

We’re living in a time when stylish men wear sweatpants on late-night TV, leather blazers are cool and not in an ironic way, and the only menswear taboo is talking about menswear taboos. Is there a place for traditional menswear in this, the land of faux-fur coats and platform sneakers? You bet your brogues there is.

Take spezzato: a beautiful-sounding word for the Italian art of mixing and matching your suit jackets and trousers to come up with a new, mismatched suit. The word—which you might have learned from Armie Hammer this week—literally translates to “broken” in Italian. (Get it?) But this isn't just for our double-breasted brothers. After all, what could be more 2019 than treating your suits like your workout clothes and assuming everything goes with everything? What could be more wild-style than taking your suit exactly half as seriously as your dad taught you to?

What we’re saying is: You can still be a Pitti Uomo guy and dress for our athleisure times. That’s because some menswear “rules” are actually secretly complete anarchy designed to make you look awesome. Here, three ways to let your spezzato flag fly, from Florence to Foot Locker and back again.

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Light Weather Styling Tips

Light Weather Styling Tips

Its February already, and Summer is around the corner. It seems unbelievable that another winter has pretty much come and gone already. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that spring is one of the best seasons for style. (Unless, of course, you hate the summer and the season change is the silver lining.) spring fabrics are richer and more textured. The colors are both vibrant and earthy. Patterns are truly at home. Layering. Scarves. Coats. The list goes on and on. Summer people, am I getting you at least a bit more excited about saying goodbye to winters yet? Clothing Brands such as "Just White Shirts" focus on providing everything at one place

There is that all-important seasonal transition time, however, when it’s not quite the end of Winter and not quite the beginning of spring. Choosing the right clothing can be a bit tricky, but here are a few key items you’ll want to have.

I’m a big fan of Jackets for spring style. Wear them as a standalone piece early in the season and layer them up over a waistcoat or under and topcoat into February/March when it starts to get chillier. Denim jackets add a flavor of classic cool to casual shirts and are also a great way dress down office attire and give it a bit of an edge. Make sure it fits snugly around your torso when buttoned.

Fall is a Leather boot season. And as much as I’m saddened by having to pack my linen clothing away for a year, that sadness is tempered by the knowledge that I can start breaking out the boots. Leather boots are must haves. They’re the loafers of the boot world and instantly dress up even more casually leaning looks.

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